Our Impact


In our warehouse in Northcote, we illuminate the space with skylights and keep the use of electric lights to a minimum. We love that our HQ has been using 100% wind power since we moved into the space 9 years ago (something that was super easy to arrange – just ask your electricity supplier about switching your power supply to their green options). We recycle all of our cardboard and paper, and always reuse or recycle post packs.


Packaging is a big one.

We reuse the cardboard boxes from our leathergoods and footwear manufacturers, and have significantly reduced our plastic packaging. Instead of coming to us individually wrapped in plastic, our leathergoods are packaged only with a cotton dustbag, and come to us in a large box lined with just enough plastic to protect its cargo from the elements.

The same goes for our garments. Aside from recycling and reusing their boxes, we have organised to have them packed by style and size inside a single plastic sleeve – usually ten to fifteen in a bag - instead having each piece wrapped individually. Making this little tweak alone has reduced our plastic use for garments by about 90%.

Like our leathergoods and footwear, the bulk of our homewares are packed loose inside plastic-lined delivery boxes, or like our garments, with pieces grouped into one plastic sleeve, according to style.


We ship the vast majority of our bulk production via sea freight – all leathergoods, footwear, knitwear and most garments are sent this way. Aside from enjoying the thought of our treasures making romantic voyages across the ocean, we love that sea freight emits almost 100 times less CO2 than air freight. It’s absolutely the best way to ship.

It’s amazing how this stuff adds up. Tweaking our practices with the environment in mind has made a huge difference to how much waste we generate, ­­­­how much energy we use, and strengthened our pride in Nancybird.