Quiet Dance

Our latest collaboration, Quiet Dance, brings to life the playful artwork of Meanjin / Brisbane artist Lucy Anderson. Lucy's work plays with ideas of water as a life force, the interconnectedness of shapes and figures, and dream-like signs and symbols, reminding us of folk tales.

Discover an inspired mix of wear-now late summer pieces interspersed with investment styles to transition through the cooler seasons. The rich tapestry of Lucy Anderson’s work beckons us to delve into the depths of our imagination and explore the symphony of symbolism in warm burnt hues and motifs that interweave with artisan-made handwoven cotton, pops of fuchsia, along with a dark-wash denim. Long dresses feature textured cottons and finely embroidered patterns and light knitted pieces.

Athena Dress ~ Artisan Made

Selene Dress