Artist Mim Fluhrer invites us to witness the beauty of nature with our new collaboration, Twilight. Explore the limitless space and find a place to quieten and connect.

Discover a rich collection of deeper colours, with woollen knitwear, textural coats, long-sleeved jersey tops and knitted rib pants, enters winter. We have embraced the feeling of comfort and warmth, and the organic forms and limitless sky of Mim Fluhrer’s artwork, connecting beautifully within these warm textures.

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Wool Scarf

Celest Knit & Naho Rib Pants


Depicting the landscapes on Yindjibarndi and Guruma country, Wendy Hubert’s paintings formed the inspiration for the capsule collection, called Ngurrawaana (coming home). 

We were drawn to Wendy’s landscapes and their loose, emotive brushwork – the works transport us to this place, in the dusk or daybreak where the light falls so softly on the landscape and the deep, rich colours radiate from the sky and the earth below.

The collection features Wendy’s artwork through digitally printed cottons, in this range of garments. The palette for the collection is drawn from her paintings – the bright ochres, warm pinks, bright blues and soft lilacs find their way into our woven checks, organic cotton jersey and soft cotton / merino knits.

The collaboration has been carefully brought to life through the Juluwarlu Art Group, and the licensing agreement has been made using an Arts Law contract, the gold standard for fashion and First Nations collaborations.

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Matilda Knit & Porcelain Tie Skirt

Sundew Skivvy & Daisy Skirt

Lucia Blouse & Porcelain Tie Skirt

Blossom Rib Knit

Hand in Hand

Hand in hand with our favourite Australian florist, Bush Flowers, a vibrant bouquet enters your autumn wardrobe. Emily paints a beautiful Bush Flowers’ bouquet, resulting in two artworks.

Moving into Autumn we walk hand in hand in a mix of textured fabrics and splashes of bold colour highlights, with our feature prints bringing the big floral love into our wardrobe. Styles expand from day to night; knitwear weaves in warming merino wool, long pants to be worn with floral layers and dresses with wrapped finishes reflect the seasons ahead.

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Beaded Clutch

Linden Tote ~ Artisan Made

Belt Bag

Bena Crossbody

Quiet Dance

Our first collaboration for the season, Quiet Dance brings to life the playful artwork of Meanjin / Brisbane artist Lucy Anderson. Lucy's work plays with ideas of water as a life force, the interconnectedness of shapes and figures, and dream-like signs and symbols, reminding us of folk tales.

Discover an inspired mix of wear-now late summer pieces interspersed with investment styles to transition through the cooler seasons. The rich tapestry of Lucy Anderson’s work beckons us to delve into the depths of our imagination and explore the symphony of symbolism in warm burnt hues and motifs that interweave with artisan-made handwoven cotton, pops of fuchsia, along with a dark-wash denim. Long dresses feature textured cottons and finely embroidered patterns and light knitted pieces.

Athena Dress ~ Artisan Made

Selene Dress