Deep in the garden, as spring finally comes to fruition, we see textured, hand painted florals paired with stripes, patchwork botanical illustrations and bright seersucker checks. Gathering, frills and shirring details bring an extra feminine touch, a contrast to the black floral feature print.

Perennial was inspired by Emily’s love of spring flowers. Emily ventures deep into the garden and brings to life textured hand painted paper daises. Paired with a patchwork of botanical prints, this collection is an everlasting ode to spring.

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Featuring the artwork of Amy Wright, vibrant blooms burst through the late winter fog as we prepare to unfold. 

Bright pink tones are illuminated with metallic threads, and textured seersuckers bring lightness to the change of season layers. 

Pattern, shape, texture and colour are at the core to Amy Wright’s practice, used to create a sensory narrative of the landscape. This capsule range show a sample of Amy’s prolific style in watercolours and acrylic, celebrating bright seasonal blooms.

Sabrina Top and Ume Tie Skirt

Artisan Made, Meadows Frill Top & Bindi Skirt