The deepening colours of Autumn are reflected in this capsule
as we collaborate with stunning artist Zoe Grey. Zoe's artwork evokes
wild cold weather formations of her homeland lutruwita/Tasmania.
A mix of textural cotton, flowing Lenzing Tencel Viscose, and soft organic cotton jersey add a relaxed mood to the saturated colours and shapes of Zoe’s work.
Bright blues in corduroy reflect the blue skies of clear Autumn days,
with knitwear mimicking the colours of crisp sunset skies and knitwear blended in
jewel mixes mimicking the colours of crisp sunset skies.

Shell Bag in Moss

Wendy Bag

Net Bag Artisan Made

Rays Crossbody in Moss


Beginning with a burst of colour in our opening capsule collection,
featuring Emily’s high saturation desert artworks.
Splashes of watercolour bring the beginnings of autumnal hues,
with burnt oranges, pinks and yellows. Our dark denim wash
anchors the colours of this collection and moves them towards the cooler
days ahead, with the contrast stitching details and feature belts
elevating these key pieces to be worn for all occasions.

Ophelia Boat Neck Blouse and Wave Skirt