Indian Artisans

Everything we make is handmade in some way - hands cutting, stretching, printing, stitching. Certain ways of creating though involve deeper roots - traditional heritage techniques that have been passed down by family or region.

Where we have used these special techniques, you will see a little tag on the thumbnails of the products called Artisan Made.

Hand Weaving - Kala Swaraj

We work in partnership with not-for-profit organisation Kala Swaraj to design and create our "Artisan" collection each season. All fabrics are hand dyed, hand loomed and hand woven. The organisation works with a weaving community in Central India, called Sausar. This community, for the most part, as a complete eco-system of weaving - bobbin winders and fillers, warp tiers, weavers. All income for the fabrics goes to wages and raw materials. We have been working with Kala Swaraj since 2017 and visited the community in 2019.

Fair Trade Block Printing & Cut and Sew - Jaipur, Rajasthan - India

We've been delighted to connect with an organisation based in Jaipur, India that work to fair trade standards. The organisation was founded by Shari, an American woman who became passionate about the traditional artisan skills of India after completing an Anthropology PhD centred on Indian artisanal development. After completing her PhD, Shari and her husband Mark decided to start a business in India that could actively improve the lives of its employees while promoting and celebrating their fine work. Since 1999, they have developed a cut and sew facility, as well as a block printing workshop in neighbouring Saganer.

The first time we visited the organisation was in April 2017.

Meet the makers

Ghanshayam Ji- Block Printing Master

Hi Ghanshayam!

What does it mean to you working for a fair trade organisation?
Being paid on time, medical insurance, getting all facilities that we need to work well. Steady work.

Thanks so much for chatting with us Ghanshayam Ji.