Summer Styling with Sarah

We don't expect too many people walk out the door dressed head to toe in one label (if you came by the studio you'd see that we certainly don't!) so we're not at all offended if you like to pair your Nancybird with some other lovely item you have in your wardrobe. As one of our last features for 12 Days of Christmas, we asked the most stylish woman we know, our senior apparel designer Sarah, how she wears our/her latest Summer Collection in her down time.


A little white tee goes a long way

I love our Yamba Dress and Bondi Dress with a white t-shirt underneath. It's cute, a little bit 90's and very practical for when you'd like to start getting into your summer dresses but the weather isn't quite warm enough yet. This is a perfect and much loved brunch outfit of mine, and if the day heats up I can always remove the undershirt and I'm good to go!



A bold print with denim

Not everyone is a pattern on pattern kinda girl and I've found the absolute easiest way to wear a bold print is to pair it with denim. Here you get the lovely flattering colour injection of the bright green and versatility that jeans always give you. It's not an overly dressy look for daytime and if you're headed straight out to dinner you won't feel too casual either. 


Match your colour

I love clothes and getting dressed, I've made a career out of it so obviously I do, but sometimes if I'm feeling a bit lazy or tired (or running late) I'm not quite as excited. One way I look put together with minimal effort is to get matchy with colour. I like how the pale blue shoes and pants work together here, it's an easy no fuss outfit that still has a bit of polish. 


Woollens can stay

This is probably only relevant for us southerners, but I keep my light-coloured woollens and knits out all year long. They can be plain (or relatively plain like this one) and look lovely alongside a colourful print, while also adding some interest and texture. This is an outfit that gets brought out all the time!

Thanks so much Sarah! xxx


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