Stying Home with Emily Wright

Whether it's a bedroom reset or building on the current look Nancybird founder Emily Wright knows her way around styling a room. Each year brings a new collection of Nancybird Home designed and painted by Emily, inspired by photos snapped on travels across Australia and overseas. Emily creates a bedroom story that interweaves playfully with past designs, combining geometric and organic elements that zing with the newness of added textures and elements.

Read on to discover more on the design process with Emily and how to select and freshen up your bedroom across the seasons. EXPLORE HOME HERE.


When working on a new Home collection, what’s your design process?

My first step is plotting out the collection – looking at what I’d like to explore and how the range will flow together.

I usually design the quilt cover as the “hero” and then the other parts – pillowcases, sheets and cushions are kind of supporting pieces to that main work.

The first drop of the new 2023 collection is about the desert landscape – the main quilt cover is the full evening landscape with its strong saturated colours. Then the smaller pieces are the little details – a little wildflower blown right up, or a desert bird, a banksia.

Each drop works as a little story.

I like the jigsaw puzzle aspect of it, and the fact that you can choose any combination of pieces and it will still work together.

I usually paint in acrylics and watercolours from snaps I’ve taken on holidays or walks around South Gippsland.

Then we go through a sampling process getting colours right, playing with scale and choosing trims.


Where do you find your inspiration and why is travel so important to you? 

The natural world is always an inspiration, and my local landscape of South Gippsland and around Melbourne gives me lots to work with. But travel is always exciting and adds different new elements to what I can paint.

In our final drop Catamaran (available in mid November) I was inspired looking back over images of a trip to Spain in 2019, with the flags on the beach, flapping in the wind. That led to a little story playing with those elements of beach culture, Hobie yachts and bright block colours.

Catamaran launching in mid November

What is the key to creating a welcoming bed? 

For me, I don’t like an overly formal bed – I like a kind of patchwork of things, but in a harmonious, not overly clashy kind of way. I have a soft spot for a mix of geometric and organic elements. I think a plant or flowers close by is always lovely. I love when I’ve gone to the effort of bringing a new set together when making my bed and always appreciate the new textures and elements zinging off each other.

You know we love the idea of a growing bedroom scene you can build upon across the years. Do you have tips when selecting new bedding or products to add bedroom? 

Yes I love this idea! Adding pieces that you love to your collection and then combining them together brings a freshness. Artwork changes too, or moving furniture around. A shelf above the bed to make quick changes to artworks or objects is an easy way to swap things out to suit your mood.

More Cushions launching late October

How many pillows is too many? Is there such a thing? 

Hehe never! My preference is for 4 or 5, good for lounging. This many means there’s opportunity for a lovely combination of different prints too!

I feel the same about cushions – I love bringing harmonious but different designs together and looking at how they play off each other.

What are some simple ways to make your bedroom feel fresh across the seasons? 

Adding plants or flowers is a guaranteed way to add freshness! That combined with freshly laundered bedding, and trying out new combinations of your bedding (flipping your cover is a fun way to change things up – we always have a different design on the underside!) is a lovely way to take care of yourself.

If you had to pick just one Nancybird home design what would it be and why?

I think our current story, called The Bluff, is a new favourite – it’s looking through the trees towards the turquoise ocean in Walkerville South. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do!

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