Small Travels - Home with Emily Wright

The latest HOME collection, Small Travels, sprung from a series of paintings based on small travels by Nancybird founder Emily Wright - along coastlines, inland waterways, and walks through ancient escarpments. 

“The idea of painting different aspects of the Australian landscapes and then pairing these elements in your home appealed to me, allowing you to create your harmonious patchwork of pieces unique to you.” Emily Wright

Read on and get to know the story behind these treasured Australian travels. We hope they inspire you to create your bedroom journey with this timeless collection made with a lovely mix of certified GOTS organic cotton, hand woven fabrics and linen.


Coastal Landscape

The Coastal story moves along the coastline at Duck Point in South Gippsland, looking across Corner Inlet to Wilson’s Prom. The clouds move across the landscape, changing the colour and texture of the sea. Pigface daisies and soft, tall grasses and gnarly tea trees creep across the shoreline. Black seaweed, swept up to each differing high tide point, creates long lines following the curve of the beach. Small sailing boats dip into each safe cove.

Translated onto our Coastal Landscape Quilt, the scene invites you to snuggle up with peaceful muted greens, blues, and lilac scenes of the shoreline and the calm sea surrounding to send you to sleep.

A coastal print designed to work with our Beach Daisy, Clouds, Sailing Boat, and striped patterns. The greens, blues, and oranges of our quilt-inspired geometrics complement this design.



Our Inland story begins at the northern end of the Grampians/Gariwerd in western Victoria - a vast, sandstone mountain range with rocky escarpments, sitting above dry country eucalypts, acacia, wildflowers, with kangaroos and vast flocks of galahs in abundance.

The warming orangey browns, mustards and pinks of this landscape have a warming, earthy vibrate feel sure to brighten the greyest of days.

The versatile Quilt features a playful flock of Galahs on the reverse side – these iconic birds can be found all around the Geriwerd and beyond – flying across the blue sky in their hundreds.

This scene sits with our Cloud design, Kangaroo cushion, Galahs prints, and our earthy brights – Raspberry and Tobacco Stripes, Banksia, Blue Triangles and Patchwork Quilt.

Beach Daisy

A stunning floral, with a mix of bright pinks, these brightly coloured and commonly found flowers creep along the coastlines of Australia, often in dunes and amongst coastal grasses. Their bright purple, pink and orange colours sit brightly against the muted coastal palette when in bloom. Their squishy leaves and red stems add to their beauty.

This dreamy Quilt cover, pillow cases and sheets sit back with our coastal colours – the Green, Tobacco and Nautical stripes, the Cloud print, the Sailing Boat and Coastal Landscape, and the pinks and oranges of the quilt-inspired designs, such as Orange Quilt Star and Star Embroidery.


We move across to Western Australia, celebrating the unique Banksia menziesii  - the sculptural, pointed leaves and distinctive orange and pink flowers sit harmoniously with the browns and red geometrics which complement this range.

This quilt cover and pillow cases sit perfectly with the warm Tobacco Stripe, Orange Quilt Stars, Grampians, and Still Life designs but can also be contrasted with the Clouds or Galahs design or the Patchwork Quilt. 

Still Life

The Still Life painting brings our coastal and inland stories together. It finishes the bedroom story - with its overflowing vase of wattle, banksia, flannel flower, paper daisies and gumnuts sitting on a shelf next to a framed painting of a boat sailing through rough seas. Incorporating the Still Life artwork, discover two original hand stitched organic cotton Kantha Quilts handmade by our artisan partners.

Linen Cushions

Bring a souvenir of Australian travels home with our collection of keepsake linen cushions. Featuring paintings captured journeying across the coastal landscape of South Gippsland inland to the Grampians with side notes of still life and embroidered stars. Our cushions are made to last the years with beautiful thick washed linen and 100% recycled polyester filling.

Hand Wovens

Artisan Made Pillow Cases in checks and bold stripes have been incorporated into each bedroom scene. Adding a special hand made touch they have been beautifully handspun, dyed with AZO-free dyes, and woven by hand in Central India by non-profit organisation Kala Swaraj which supports an entire community of spinners, warpers, dyers and weavers! Completing the handmade story, they are cut and sewn by Mehera Shaw, our Fair Trade certified makers in Jaipur.

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