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Meet our Makers

After launching our latest capsule for 2021 we thought it's timely to revisit the makers behind these beautiful Artisan Made styles. When designing we always aim to incorporate the handmade process in some way whether it's hand woven, cutting, stretching, printing or stitching. You'll see a special symbol (shown above) when shopping to indicate one of these technique has been used on our products.

Each season we work in 
partnership with not-for-profit Indian organisation Kala Swaraj to create our Artisan Made collections. Having just celebrated 5 years of supporting heritage Indian techniques that have been passed down by family or regions, Kala Swaraj have launched a sister business called Indian Makers. Making it more accessible for customers to connect with makers who specialise in handloom services and other handicrafts, helping promote these Indian crafts and continue to keep their traditional techniques alive.

We're so proud to have been working Kala Swaraj since 2017, having last visited in 2019. 
It's such an amazing experience to see these textile specialists at work hand dying and weaving on ancient human-powered looms. 



To create this collection Kala Swaraj works with a weaving community in Central India, called Sausar. This community, for the most part, is a complete eco-system of weaving - bobbin winders and fillers, warp tiers, weavers. All the fabrics used in our Artisan Made clothing are hand dyed, hand loomed and hand woven by these artisans with income for the fabrics going straight to wages and raw materials. 

Working with Kala Swaraj we know we are supporting the sustainability of craft and its importance to their future. 

Discover our latest Artisan Made Spring Summer collection here. We hope you are as proud to wear our artisan-made collection as we are to be a part of its creation in helping sustain an ethical and sustainable fair trade community.


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