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With a shared love for artisan made Genna & Katrina from Pyewacket's Traditional join us for a summer picnic wearing our latest, Artisan Made styles. Read on us they share their passion for perfect drink potions and a love for the long road and a good tipple. Here's to a wonderful picnic season, enjoyed in style and good health! 

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How did you both meet and begin the journey with Pyewackets?

    We have been friends for over 10 years and always shared a passion for traditional foods, fermented drinks and the odd tipple. Genna started making shrubs and tonics as functional foods in her naturopathic practice and something just clicked one day. These potions are so delicious, the world needs to know! Katrina had experience working with fermented drinks growing up with her families ginger beer company.  We loved the idea of spending more time together, so we thought we would give it a shot. Three years later, our friendship has reached a whole other level of love as we navigate the highs and lows of small business together.


    What does the process involve in creating and making a shrub or tonic?

    Often the process starts with a basket and a ladder! We still pick a lot of fruit ourselves, going out to local farms, especially in citrus season. Genna also grows nearly all the herbs we need in her garden. We cold-press juice or purée the fruits and vegetables and blend them with organic apple cider vinegar, herbs and spices.

    Our range of apple cider vinegar tonics are formulas of medicinal herbs, roots, and fruits and they take a few months to make. We aim to make drinks that are traditional and functional but overall, delicious.


    What’s your favourite shrub or tonic for Summer picnics?

      Our favourite drink right now is a botanical take on the classic Lemon, Lime & Bitters. Using the Rosemary Lemonade shrub to bring the sweet and the sour elements and our Aromatic Bitters for a truly botanical bitter flavour, we mix these with soda water to keep it low sugar and fresh. Gin is entirely optional but goes very nicely.


      How do you curate your wardrobe? Do you have seasonal styles you love?

        Genna: I love vintage fashion from the 1940s and 50s, and also sew a lot of my own clothes from vintage patterns. In summer I love what I call vintage vacation fashion, that is, dresses and clothing that women wore on holidays, from Hawaiian sarong dresses to Mexican painted circle skirts, bright colours and patterns everything but a fruit bowl on my head! On the other side, 1940s workwear is a daily fashion inspiration in the field and kitchen. 

        Katrina: Much like our slow drinks, I’m interested only in slow fashion. Items that are well made using natural fibres but are still bright with fun colours and cheerful designs. In summer it’s all about comfort and how easily I can get changed in and out of swimwear without the whole beach seeing my butt.

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