Get-Together with Ada Hodgson

Melbourne jeweller Ada Hodgson welcomes us into her magical studio in the iconic Nicholas Building where she creates garden inspired jewellery with ethical gems stones set in gold & silver.  With the sun shining through the beautiful old windows Ada brings to life unique and romanic jewels made to wear forever.  Read on as Ada share her beginnings, the scent of jasmine and muses on garden ramblings. 

If you haven't yet visited the heritage Nicholas Building we highly recommend it. It's one of the oldest and most diverse creative communities in Melbourne and sadly it's up for sale! If you believe in preserving these rare places housing amazing creatives sign the petition to save the Nicholas Building and support them here

Can you share your jewellery journey?  

My first obsession was with beads at a very early age. I played with glass and plastic pearls and seeds, weaving incongruent colours and materials. I loved the interplay with the different materials. A fluro pink plastic pearl with a gum nut, a black and yellow smiley bead with a gold plated clasp. The playfulness and humour in these materials has always been in my work. And now I study the garden for inspiration, balancing textural ancient looking metals with finely cut ethical gemstones in all colours and shapes.

How does nature influence your work? 

I enjoy exploring nature, being in a cool native forest with a sweet breeze, or walking the streets and ogling peoples rambling gardens. The refreshing and romantic green spaces, the more disordered and overgrown the better. I love a plant breaking through a crack in a sidewalk, a vine snaking around a patio slowly taking over, nature claiming man-made spaces back. It's this space that inspires me most.

What’s your favourite summer flower to forage?

The scent of Jasmine in the air is the surest sign of spring, it's my favourite time in Melbourne, as the streets become resplendent with the delicate pink flowers and the wafting aroma of warm nights to come.

What exquisite jewels are you currently creating?

Spring flowers in bloom, and verdant gardens bursting with smatterings of colour, the bright spring palette is inspiring my current work! Lot's of Australian mined and cut gems nestled with carved Roses and Jasmine and Daisies set in whimsical textural recycled silver and gold.

Would you say you have a certain fashion style?  What makes you feel good? 

Ha! Oh gosh, it's naturally quite practical, working in my studio most days. ! I love a fantastically tailored pant with a terribly old and tattered Australiana tourist T-shirt and heels, or a sweet summer dress and Blundstones. I adore texture and colour and playfulness with fashion!

What does it feel like to create in the incredible Nicholas Building? 

It's such an honour! It's a beautiful building with a rich history of incredible artists, makers, comedians and musicians etc, filling the halls. There is a wonderful community of people in the building, and it's so special to be a part of. I'm always so proud of my space and love inviting people to see my little creations here, and, well, just look at the windows!

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