Escape to Lisbon

Hunkered down in the depths of winter, Nancybird founder Emily found herself dreaming of carefree days spent exploring the captivating streetscapes and meeting the warming people of Lisbon, Portugal. In summoning Lisbon, Emily came across the fantastical artwork of Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso an early 20th century modernist painter from Portugal. Amadeo's famed 'Clown, Horse, Salamander' stood out with its futuristic and colourful motifs.

Present-day sees Amadeo's artwork translated onto our latest collection and namesake, Lisbon. As travel is very much on the cards again, we invite you to dip your toes into a different culture with a capsule that offers ease and escapism with cosy cardigans, pinafores, skirts and wide leg pants.

Scroll on as photographer Austėja Ščiavinskaitė transports us on a photo journey via the streets of Lisbon.




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