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Imagine the vivid colors and natural beauty of the Australian landscape captured in your bedroom. Our new collection Desert Sky is inspired by the stunning landscapes of Tjoritja / West MacDonnell Ranges, Uluru, and Kata Tjuta during the wildflower season.

Nancybird founder Emily Wright embarked on a road trip through the heart of Australia, forever inspired by her surrounds and endless curiosity on where we live. Using a mix of watercolours and acrylics, Emily brought to life vibrant wildflowers that dotted her path. From the evening sky over the desert to the delicate Parakeelya at the base of Uluru, every design in this collection tells a story of her journey. Each piece a work of art, bringing Australia's warmth, rich pastels and bright sparks of violet and acid yellow into your home. We hope you love discovering this rich and inspiring collection! Explore here

The Desert Sky Quilt brings to life the essence of the evening sky and the fading light on the desert foliage. 

Pillowcases featured The Honey Grevillea showing the transition from yellow to orange with an ombre effect, reminding us of the ever-changing landscape. Along with vast meadows of our favourite Mulla Mulla or pussytails, a testament to the resilience and beauty of desert flora. Featured left, original artworks by Emily Wright. 

Featured left, The Parakeelya design pays homage to the vibrant flowers found at the base of Uluru. Featured right, The Ringneck Parrot from Ormiston Gorge captures the spirit of these lively birds and the rugged beauty of their habitat.

Desert Sky captured in a cushion, featuring the early evening desert landscape of Central Australia.

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