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The VIC-NSW borders are open and we could not be more thrilled to visit our northern neighbours! To celebrate we caught up with our friends CC and Dillon, the creative duo behind Places We Swim, for some locals only knowledge of their fav Sydney spots and a bit of a chat. 

I consider you and Dillon far-and-away the most experienced Summer holiday road trippers I know. Are you meticulous route planners or do you wing it and see where the road takes you, or a bit of a combo?

We’re a bit of a combo. We like to have a vague plan in mind, and often return to places we know and love, but we’re terrible at booking campsites in advance, so often ninja camp in our van (which is our preferred style anyway). Though that might not be so kosher with a baby now. We have a camper van which it is pretty set up so that we can just take off for the weekend and have most things we need already packed - we don’t need to be super organised.

Just two of the spectacular swimming spots featured in Places We Swim

You’re both writers and Dillon’s a photographer, together you make for a pretty incredible creative dream team. Had you worked on any projects together before Places We Swim? What do you enjoy most about working with Dillon? Any less than enjoyable parts?

We hadn’t worked on any projects together before Places We Swim, other than our relationship (if you call that a project…) We had both worked in booked publishing and on similar creative projects. I was working for Broadsheet when we met, Dillon was working for the Little Veggie Patch Co. (both in Melbourne). But we are a great team. It wouldn’t work if we weren’t. I love that as a couple we can travel and work. That work and life can blur together. Dillon is very meticulous and precise with his work. He really labours over things. I am a bit more fly by the seat of my pants, but I am organised and get things done efficiently. There are pros and cons to both, and these differences can cause conflict, but I think it’s better there is one of each of us in this team. I love that we are different. It means we have to compromise, but we’re learning to strike a good balance. 

CC wears our South Cape Tank. We have a feeling little Leo has some incredible travels ahead of him!

Congratulations on your newest addition, little Leo! A few weeks ago, you took him for a weekend of camping. How’d the first trip as a family go?  

Leo is the best thing Dillon and I have ever created together. We are so excited to have him in our lives. He’s only little (2 months) but we took him out of 3-day van trip up to the Lake Macquarie region (south of Newcastle) when he was 5 weeks old. We wanted to expose to (and share with him) the outdoors that we love, early in life. He seemed to love it and was so stimulated by being outside all day staring up at the sky and the leaves in the trees.

Lake Macquarie is now officially on our list!

You’re based in Bondi and have just released your second book, Places We Swim Sydney, a city guide for water-loving people, tell us your perfect sunny Sydney weekend. And has this changed post Leo at all?

We actually moved to Manly a few months ago after two years living in Bondi, though both are a version of a similar life in a different location. We’ve loved exploring the northern beaches a bit more. Our perfect day would probably include a swim to Shelly Beach (with the Bold & the Beautiful), a coffee and a croissant at Rollers. Then we’d pack a picnic and do the Manly to Spit walk with friends, stopping at Crater Cove for a picnic lunch. Then dinner back in Manly at Pocket Pizza, or we’d make something at home and have a drink in our backyard with our neighbours. We’ve been trying to bring Leo along on the adventures we like, so not too much has changed, but we are more sun/shade conscious now. We often find ourselves searching for shade at the beach, or making sure we’re not out walking in full sun at the hottest part of the day. Before we might have just toughed it out when it was the two of us.

L: CC in the Angourie Dress in Sunshine Check  R: The Bold & the Beautiful swim squad getting ready for their daily 7am dip

Describe your summer style, what colours, cuts and materials are you drawn to?

Light, comfortable cuts with flattering, feminine shapes (and button-down shirts and dresses for breast feeding). Materials such a light, summery cottons and linens are very practical in summer. I love wearing shorts and a shirt, or a summer dress. I am drawn to lighter, natural colours. Whites, creams, mustards, baby blues, dusty pinks, purples, tans. 

CC in the Angourie Dress in Sunshine Check, a perfect breastfeeding friendly summer dress

So where/what’s next?

We’re currently caught up in new family life and the release of our book Places We Swim Sydney, and trying to enjoy both in equal measure. We have family visiting from Victoria, and then some time to travel over the summer, hopefully to the south coast of NSW. Interstate travel is starting to resume, so a trip to northern NSW and Tasmania in the new year are on the cards, as well as a trip to Melbourne to see family and friends. We’ll try and fit some work in between that and parental leave.


Thank you so much CC and Dillon!

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