Chats with our makers - Beading Master Nasir

In my trip to India this April, I saw our new season beaded clutches being made. It was so amazing, the way the artisans worked, stitching literally thousands of beads onto a small piece of cloth, following our designs so much better than I could have imagined.

I chatted with the master beader - Nasir to find out a bit more about his life and what lead him to beading.


Hi Nasir!

How long have you been beading?

I have been beading since 2000 – 17 years!

How did you learn the art of beading?

I began working in workshops in Calcutta - Calcutta is know for beading work and there are many producers there. I grew up in Calcutta.

When did you become a beading master?

From 2000 to 2011 I worked in beading workshops, then in 2011 I started my own beading unit, where I hired and taught beaders

What are your favourite designs to work on?

I like complicated designs, so that my beaders will be busy and they will have lots of work and they can earn more money!

You are from Calcutta but you live in Delhi - did you bring family with you when you moved here?

My family live in Calcutta. I've got one child – a 2 year old boy.

How often do you get back to Calcutta?

Every three to four months. I go back home when there is not so much work, then return once work returns. I also goes home when there are festivals, I catch the train home.

Why don't you work in Calcutta?

I love Delhi and the mindset of the city. I haven't brought my family right away because my child is small and my extended family is in Calcutta, they help with child care. When he is older perhaps they will make the move over the Delhi permanently.

Thanks for chatting with us Nasir!


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