Chats with Makers : Al & Imo

Chats With Makers : Al & Imo


At Nancybird we love beautiful objects and the artistry that goes into crafting by hand. So when it came to our new Home Collection we were very excited to see our bedding on Al&Imo's handmade beds. Al & Imo are a couple who a few years ago made a tree change from Melbourne to a little farmhouse in Freshwater Creek to build a business around the principals of good design to fit a slower considered life. Sounds pretty nice!

We love your motto Good Design Good People ! Working in the garment industry we are also very conscious of and passionate about good making and good design. What does good design mean to you?

I love this question! Ok well, good design for us needs to suit the purpose of the owner, use quality locally sourced materials, be beautiful, is handmade, aesthetically in proportion to fit and function (the bed has to be a good fit for the bedroom it's going to live in), easy to set up, and will last a lifetime. Good people, Al and I love our customers, who make conscious choices to support small businesses. They invite us into their homes, tell us their stories and offer us tea, coffee, beer - they are dead-set legends and although we spend most weekends driving hours to hand-deliver our furniture we wouldn’t have it any other way.


You must have seen a lot of bedrooms in your time, what are your tips for a well-styled bedroom? 

Find quality items that bring you joy, select bedroom furniture that fits the space and functions well. If you have a small bedroom consider a large full-length mirror to give the illusion of more space and long draped linen curtains to make your ceilings feel taller. I think it's important to consider lighting in your bedroom, opt for a soft warm glow. Oh and there is nothing better than sliding into fresh sheets!

Being your own boss looks like it suits you both! Were you nervous starting up a business with your partner? Do you find it easy to stay motivated? Do you keep each other on track or leave each other to it?

Al and I feel very lucky that we have figured out what we want to do in life… and even luckier that we share the same vision. When we first started we both tried to do everything together, once we really broke down the tasks involved in running a business and divided them up leaning into our strengths everything became a lot smoother. We have a lot of trust in each other and are both perfectionists in our own areas - we'll have a morning meeting to touch base about where we are both at and then go our separate ways for the day.   

We can’t wait to get back to the beach, help us live vicariously in the meantime and describe your perfect beach day for us.

Living on the Surf Coast we are so spoiled with amazing coastlines... it's pretty easy to find a secluded spot to set up. I like to pack a good book or a notepad and pen (for some reason I feel really inspired when I am relaxing in nature) usually Al will be in the surf. A cold bottle of water and fresh fruit. 

You make running your own business look extremely satisfying but I’m sure there are stressful days in there too, how do you wind down and recalibrate after the busy days? Do you have any daily rituals?

Recently we have been going for big nature walks in the mornings, which is a really nice way to start the day. Cooking dinner together is probably my favourite time of the day. We play music really loud, have a little boogie and fill each other in on how each other's day went.


Lastly, we’re always on the hunt for good recommendations, what have you been reading/watching/eating etc lately?

  • Latest Watch - Little Birds 
  • Latest Read - Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens 
  • Latest Eats - We've been working through a few different Ottolenghi cookbooks  - never disappoints! 

Thanks Imo!

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