Autumn Winter Inspiration

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As we started to design our Autumn Winter collection, we mused on the Red Knot: a small bird, known for it’s long migratory path. Each year, flocks of Red Knots travel from their birthplace in icy Siberia through America, Russia and Greenland – some as far as Australia and New Zealand, before they return to the icy North.

We sought our inspiration from the fierce spirit of this small creature, and the terrain it navigates on its annual journey.

Moodboard inspiration for our Autumn Winter collection.

Our colour palette is tinged with the greys of storm clouds, the beige of sand dunes, and the warm earthy tones of layers of tree bark. Prints and motifs draw on the beauty of the Red Knot, maps of its migration, and the shorelines, estuaries and mudflats that it navigates.

Details from our Autumn Winter collection.

These patterns and hues are splashed across new interpretations of the timeless silhouettes that we’re known for. The collection is made up of essential transseasonal staples, with an emphasis on form and functionality. Contoured detailing and curved lines reflect the shape of bird’s wings and the soaring arcs of their flight paths. 

More details from our Autumn Winter collection.

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