Artist Spotlight | Lucy Anderson

Our latest collaboration, Quiet Dance, brings to life the playful artwork of Meanjin / Brisbane artist Lucy Anderson. Her creations become vessels, carrying us into a world of childhood dreams, with narratives unfolding with each brushstroke. Read on to discover the beginnings of Lucy's art journey, process and muses. View our wonderful collaboration here. 

On Beginnings I grew up being surrounded by the creativity of my mother and my aunty. Since then, I have always been attracted to art. It was very natural to me to paint whenever I had the opportunity. 

Artist Journey My materials inform the artwork - that is where I begin. I work very instinctually and never really plan my pieces. If I can get to a place of playfulness when creating my pieces, then I know I am on the right track.

Quiet Dance The artwork ‘Quiet Dance’ was a part of a series I did where I copied Matisse figures over and over until they warped into very basic shapes almost. I played with placement of the figure on similar shaped vessels. The figure and the vessel became inseparable in this series.

Art Muses Jenny Watson and Noel McKenna are my favourite artists. I was lucky enough to have Jenny as my undergraduate teacher throughout my time in QCA and Ive never been able to move on from how much I love her work. 

On Repeat Family dinners, Below Deck, David Sedaris, I’ve been enjoying listening to Bright Eyes again after forgetting about them for 15 years.

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