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Artist Louis Wayling takes us down the road less travelled with our latest collaboration Terrace. Louis's love of exploration is truly inspiring. Read on as he shares his journey as an artist, how it conveys his story and the importance of slowing things down and enjoying the presence of the now. Explore Terrace here.

Can you tell us about your journey as an artist? Has what you’ve painted changed over the years?

For as long as I remember, I had such a profound obsession with painting and creating an image from my imagination, it took me places only I could see. Two years ago I sold my pizza restaurant in Avalon on the northern beaches of Sydney. Painting was always a big part of my life and creating in general from a very young age but the last two years I have been doing it full time.

Over the years my paintings have changed and evolved, through experiences and growth, My paintings are an over all reflection of my everyday life, my character in this world, and re-occuring symbols is how i convey my story.

You’ve been venturing along the coastline of Australia this year; What has spurred the travel on and how has it influenced your life and work?

After I sold the pizza shop, I purchased a 26 seater 4x4 bus to jet off and go explore Australia. It was for my inspiration and a journey of solitude to delve deeper into my understanding of this land & to meet new people and slow time down, enjoying the presence of the now. Exploring the unknown.

What’s been the most unexpected place you’ve found yourself?

I very much enjoyed taking my bus up to Cape tribulation and exploring the oldest rainforest in the world the Daintree. Chilling alone by the fluorescent blue river. I ended up staying for three days.

We love how the artwork we’ve used in this collaboration has a feeling of celebration with the treasures of the sea. Can you share your dream gathering/dinner party with us? 

A lot of my paintings and subjects are to do with joyful scenes capturing the essence of happiness under the Australian sun. My ideal dinner party’s are exactly that. Good food and better company with my best of friends.

What are you currently working on and where does the road lead next?

At the moment I'm doing a lot of commissions, A few group shows here and there, this month I will be apart of a group show in Rainbow Studios on the 28th of September and currently doing some restaurant murals in the city but constantly coming in and out of Sydney, This year I decided to focus more on the adventures and inspirations after last year having three solo shows. I'll be working towards a solo show mid 2024 which is exciting.

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