Home is a Sanctuary with Amy Wright

Artist Amy Wright shares her love for home and how she creates a sanctuary surrounding herself with things she loves. Read on for an insight into our latest artist collaborator style and what sparks joy!  

I have lived in many different homes around the world over the years and the common element is always making my immediate spaces a ‘sanctuary’. Being a full time painter, means I spend my working week largely on my own. I am a collector; of books, objects, plants. These inanimate objects create a familiarity in my spaces. I surround myself with things that inspire me.

Having the incredible opportunity to drive the interior design of our home- thanks Steve for trusting me! - my starting point was, being resolute with everything that I brought into the house; the textures, the patterns, surfaces, objects; all have to be things I loved. I know it sound rather daggy to say ’to spark joy’, but that was indeed my selection process.

I trained as a textile designer, so I am inherently drawn to pattern, colour and textures, and I definitely fit in the maximalist bucket! Even now as I sit here and look around me, every vantage point makes me happy! From the plum red side table and the green and blue curtains in the living room that mimic the colours in the potted begonia at their feet; to the blue anodised bar stools in the kitchen that glow gold in the sunshine against a backdrop of green and gold marbled wallpaper! 

Visit our interview with Amy Wright for more. 

Pictured: Pieces on LHS Mandy Hudson artist for uk, cat plate from Anthropologie

Image features: Cat sculpture Kaye Clancy Ceramics

Image features: Right: Centre piece is Loralee Jade, lower LHS Loralee jade, top LHS and RHS Vintage unknown origin, my ceramics on the lower RHS

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