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Collaborating with Elizabeth Barnett on our latest collection, Banksia has been a dream. From our mutual love of nature and still life, we knew Elizabeth's work would translate brilliantly onto textiles. The colour and shapes have worked so well in this inspiring collection! We visited Elizabeth recently in her beautiful farmhouse in the Macedon Ranges.

Read on as she shares her response to seeing her work as wearable art, working with flowers, colour and things to come.


Long time fans here! We can’t tell you how excited we were when you said yes to collaborating with us! Can you tell us about the artworks we’ve used in this collaboration and what collaborating means to you?

Thank you, the feeling is mutual, as I have also loved Nancybird for a long time, and it is an honour to work with you! The works used for the collaboration were from 2021, when I explored coastal flora near my parent's house in Flinders, Victoria. It was during the pandemic that I made these works, and I really sought colour, joy and connection. The vases are vessels for explosions of colour and texture paired with striped tablecloths.


How do you feel about seeing your work come alive in a wearable form? Do you have a favourite style from the collection? 

I absolutely love seeing my work transformed into wearable art and how it translates onto different bodies. It's so hard to pick a favourite, but if I had to, I'd say it's the skirt and magenta top combo. I also love the long sleeve top with jeans and the embroidered leather bag. I can't wait to wear different outfits around!

We love the layers and colours in your work. Can you share some of the processes of developing your artwork?

Thank you! I love working with colour, as you know, I usually work from life by setting up a still life on the studio or kitchen table. My subject matter usually originates from our small farm in the Macedon ranges or my parent's garden in Flinders. Occasionally, I'll buy flowers or foliage because of how interesting they look. I'm really interested in plants and often plant interesting things with different blooms, colours and textures in my garden for subject matter in the future! The banksias in these works are from my parent's garden.


What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the year? 

I recently took some time off painting to raise our third little addition to the family, who is now 7 months old. I have slowly started to ease back into work though recently starting with my sketchbooks and watercolours. 

I have a few group shows I'll be showing later this year in NSW, Tasmania and Victoria, and I am excited to be showing new work with James Makin Gallery in September.


How does winter make you feel, is your work influenced by the seasons?  

I am a winter baby and love the cooler season, probably most of all. I love being cosy, snuggled up in wool by a fire. I love the freshness of the air in winter and the wattle blooming in the bush where we live. My work is particularly influenced by the seasons. I work on a colour palette that reflects the current light and what is in bloom in the garden.

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