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Featuring the beautiful Kunngobarn (Pandanus Story) design, created by Lynne Nadjowh, Selina Nadjowh, Priscilla Badari and Merill Girrabul at the Injalak Community Arts Centre in the Northern Territory, the generous cushions are perfect for lounging around on sunny decks.

The cushions are backed with textural cotton that reflects the woven motif in the screen printed design. 

 “This design tells the story of collecting kunngobarn (Pandanus spiralis shoots) to weave utilitarian, decorative and ceremonial objects. Kunwinjku women have made natural fibre objects for thousands of years, as can be seen in the rock art of the West Arnhem region. Kunngobarn (soft growing shoots of the pandanus) are pulled from manbelk (pandanus palm). A hooked stick called manmarli is used, shown below the palm. Next to this is a kunbalkbu (digging stick) for digging up “kala”, the generic word for plants used to dye the pandanus. Depicted here are mandjurndum, (orange roots of Pognoglobus reticulatus bush), wirdilwirdil, (red bulb of Haemadorum breviculae grass), and windilk, (seeds of Haemodorum coccineum). Rocks are used to pound the kala prior to boiling it with the stripped pandanus. Finally a coiled basket and woven mat are shown.”

Size: w 60 x h 60 x d 10cm

  • 100% linen top, 100% cotton backing
  • careful hand wash in warm water
  • dry in the shade
  • warm iron