The Process

We begin with colour, always.

Choosing our colour palette sparks the design process, as each colour decision informs the artwork, theme, and overall direction of the upcoming season.

Every Nancybird piece is created from raw materials, so we make our yarn and leather selections well in advance.

This gives us time to explore and play with styles and combinations that complement the theme brewing in the imaginations of our three design team members.

Once the materials for the new collection are established, we can really get into the fun stuff.

Painting, illustrating and printing in our little studio, we dream up and decide on the designs which will be used for our digital, screen and block printed fabrics.

Those motifs are often laser etched and embossed on our leathergoods collection, too.

Patternmaking is the next step, and we now do it all in house, using our blocks to get detail and fit perfect before sending each pattern to our network of carefully selected, independent manufacturers. 

From there, we work closely with our makers, sampling and tweaking designs until everyone involved is happy with the result.

And then we CELEBRATE!

Because our labour of great love is finally finished, and ready to be shared with the world.