Things to know

  • Leather wears and softens with age
  • Leather can be prone to fading over time, especially when exposed to direct sunlight
  • Those little flecks, creases and variations you might see on a leather piece are the animal’s natural markings - they are not faults, but features
  • Leather can be easily scuffed and stained – we recommend keeping leather pieces away from the floor, pens, denim jeans (which are dyed with unstable dyes), and anything else sharp, coloured or dyed that you are unsure about
  • Screw-in hardware on leather pieces can loosen with wear – be sure to give yours an occasional tightening

Ways to care

  • Wipe away most superficial scratches, scuffs or marks with a clean, damp cloth – a gentle, even wipe over the entire panel before leaving your piece to dry naturally is best
  • Use leather conditioner for deeper, more thorough, leather care – in following the instructions carefully, this product will condition, protect, and even the tone of your leather piece
  • We recommend using Waproo Water and Stain Protector upon purchase of your piece, with repeated application at regular intervals depending on how often you use your piece (be sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions)
  • We DO NOT recommend wipe on / off or ‘polishing’ conditioners
  • If you want to treat your piece to a professional clean, condition or general upkeep, this can be performed by a leather professional like Evan’s Bag Repairs (Melbourne)
  • Store your leather piece in its complimentary dust bag when not in use
  • Keep your leather piece, and its hardware, dry at all times
  • Go easy – our items are made with natural fabrics and leathers, and won’t withstand ‘heavy duty’ usage
  • Let damp or wet leather dry naturally - never dry leather with a direct heat source as this can warp the leather