We choose all materials used in our garments with intention and care.

We only use natural materials OR naturally derived materials with an excellent manufacturing process, such as Lenzing Tencel.

Properly caring for your garment will extend its life, preserve natural resources and keep textile waste out of landfill.

Here are some tips for caring for your Nancybird garment:

We urge you to only wash garments where needed.

Cold water on short washes should be preferenced where possible.

Between washes, garments can be spot cleaned or aired on hanger to keep fresh.

If dry cleaning, preference an eco dry cleaner that uses bio-degradable cleaning agents, bring in your own hanger and skip the plastic bag.

If your garment needs altering, take to a tailor to adjust - they can take in, let out and adjust hems so you can keep wearing.

Resell item if you're not reaching for it - Nancybird has a great following for resold items with the items holding their value when resold.

Donation or swapping is also a great way to move your Nancybird garment to a place where it will be used and worn.

If your item has reached its end of life, there are some great solutions.

Upparel and Textile Recyclers Australia are two Australian options - you can send them your old textiles and they create pathways for new life of the textile fibres.