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The Small Case is the perfect size for carrying any bits and bobs that need to be contained. Throw it into a handbag or overnight bag and never be digging for the pawpaw ointment again!

Made from 100% linen, screen printed in the Northern Territory by Injalak Community Arts Centre, lined with cotton and finished with a handy leather wrist strap.

The printed design was created by the very talented Gabriella Maralngurra  and features a female water spirit, titled Ngalkunburriyaymi.

Ngalkunburriyaymi or Yawkyawk is the Kunwinjku name for female water spirits with fish-like tails, who act as the guardians of sacred waterholes and Djang (Dreaming) sites. This design depicts a billabong brimming with animal and plant life. The central figure of Ngalkunburriyaymi swims alongside namarnkol (barramundi), which is regarded as belonging to her. She is surrounded by ngalmangiyi (turtles), kordbolbok (frogs), kedjebe (file snake), namardaka (eel-tailed catfish), karlerrh (longtom), wakih (freshwater shrimp) and mandem (waterlilies) of all different kinds. Ngalkunburriyaymi start out in tadpole-like form, also shown in this design. The fluid outlines of the design suggest the underwater setting complementing the infill of straight parallel rarrk (hatching) in the ancient rock art style.”

Size: w 21 x h 6 x d 6cm

Strap: 13cm

  • 100% linen outer, 100% cotton lining
  • careful hand wash in warm water
  • dry in the shade
  • warm iron